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24×36″  High Quality Giclee process. Printed on 140 lb. rag paper

by Brian Thurow

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24 X36″ Designed and painted by Brian Thurow.  High quality Giclee process, Printed on 140 lb. Rag paper

The unmovable Fudoo (Acala Vidyaaraaja) is one of the Wisdom Kings (Myoo-oo). He is usually depicted in a very wrathful way.  Fudo Myoo Has many Manifestations in Japanese culture.  Kurikara Fudo is another personification of this deity, this time in the form of a Dragon-Sword. Legend has it that Fudoo had to fight the representative of a different religion. He changed himself into a flaming sword but the opponent did the same and the fighting went on without a winner. Now Fudoo changed himself into the Dragon Kurikara, wound himself around the opposing sword and started eating it from the top. This episode gave rise to the iconographic rendering as we know it now.

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Dimensions 24 × 4 × 4 in