Sam Yamini

Sam Yamini started his journey in Tattooing in 2000 in his home town of Las Cruces New Mexico.  

Shortly thereafter Sam Moved to Dallas Texas.  After Tattooing in Dallas for several years, He found his love for the Japanese Tattooing.  Heavily influenced by his time in Texas Tattooing, Sam Moved to Denver Colorado in 2009.

After opening Dedication Tattoo with Brian Thurow, Andy Canino, and Jason Boatman in 2013, Sam Began to focus solely on Japanese style work. also known as Irezumi or Horimono.

Now Sam Specializes exclusively in Japanese style Tattooing.  He Produces some of the best sleeves, back pieces, and bodysuits in Colorado.  

When he is not in the shop you can find him in his glass blowing studio, or spending time with his family. 

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